With increasing societal backlash against companies that look and stay the same, executive boards and senior leadership teams are under mounting pressure to advance representation in order to reflect the global community we are all part of.

Since unlocking over 100,000 global conversations on racism, and reviewing over 1,000 Black Lives Matter statements, anti-racism commitments and published diversity, equity and inclusion disclosure reports from FTSE 250 organisations, we’ve learned there are certain problems and concerns impeding company progress, even when leadership teams press for action.

Even with an evident desire to act, there is confusion concerning: what to do, when to do it and how to go about it, particularly within companies who have majority White leadership teams and lack both the professional and lived experience to help them strategically navigate this area. 

We provide on-going strategic confidential advice to help you and your executive teams lead authentically in this space.

Hear from Jon Wilson, CEO StepStone Atlantic about his journey and learning so far, in evolving his organisation to becoming truly inclusive.

Working with HR rewired has positively impacted our company culture and our aim to achieve equity in the workplace. At Totaljobs Group, we strive to create an environment in which our employees bring their whole selves to work, without compromise; but we know this takes consistent work. Defining the meaning of equity, and understanding how equitable our own workplace truly is, has been a key step in the process for us and Shereen’s guidance and input has been instrumental.

Shereen is remarkably direct and uncompromising, whilst at the same time enabling and encouraging. This means she achieves traction with stakeholders at every level, and helps unlock the often uncomfortable truths that have to be accepted and dealt with as part of any cultural shift. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.


CEO, StepStone Atlantic