The global protests and social unrest of 2020 has taught us that traditional approaches to data collection don’t elicit the insights to help organisations make informed decisions about what action to take, why, and how it will address the root causes.

Without the right data, you don’t have insights. 

Too many organisations over-index on collating masses of data.

But they lack the ability to unlock deep human insights.

It’s not so much about what you’re people are feeling, but why.

With a combination of utilising technology for quantitative data you can deploy at scale via our employee engagement partner Happiness Index and listening forums for qualitative data, we can help you collate and interpret patterns and themes in your data. This will increase the confidence and trust amongst your colleagues and shareholders that you are addressing the actual problems.

I worked with HR rewired specifically on a Listening Forum about the lived experiences of Black employees, an event open to all employees.

From inception and our initial conversation to the after event debriefs and follow ups, Shereen exuded confidence that was matched by her knowledge, experience, expertise and, most importantly, delivery.

I was conscious about the emotional scale of the work and my responsibility to colleagues who would be sharing very personal and painful experiences from their lives with the WHOLE organisation.

However I was reassured by the support and guidance provided by the HR rewired team consistently through the entirety of the work. The event was a psychologically safe place where colleagues could be vulnerable and openly shared their experiences.

The feedback from colleagues that attended the event was powerful. Being virtual did not stop the feeling of intense emotions and tears. Her unapologetic approach and appropriate challenges were absolutely what my organisation needed to ensure there was accountability from our senior leaders, and action was taken and changes made.

My experience of working with HR rewired has been truly exceptional. I would wholeheartedly recommend her and her organisation to support you in delivering what for us was a truly educational, emotional and moving experience. Now we’ve done the listening and hearing, it’s time for action!


Senior Analyst, Essex County Council, UK