Irrespective of size, industry or location, most organisations are not used to openly talking about race.

One-off interventions don’t work.

To enable culture and behaviour change, you need to expose your teams to new information, provide them with time to process and ask questions, and provide them with support to think and act differently.

We provide programs for executives, HR and wider teams in the form of:

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Shereen provided a safe environment for an open and honest discussion about race and racism in our industry, and society broadly, in a non-confrontational way, bringing real lived experience that was relatable. 

The group of leading Executives and Chairs from across the industry were engaged and eager to contribute thoughts and ask questions. Shereen was, in one participant’s words, ‘just brilliant’. 

She remained unphased and non-judgemental and it was an excellent opportunity to open the conversation on race and what each person’s responsibility is in addressing the current situation. HR rewired’s continued involvement and support is helping us to shape our actions and accelerate change.

Feedback from attendees:

 “ Shereen was wonderful…thank for inviting me”

“I very much enjoyed meeting Shereen…we had a practically full house which shows the industry is taking it seriously.”


Chair, British Horseracing Authority

We have heard great feedback about HR rewired and we were delighted when Shereen joined our D&I Network’s meeting. 

Shereen has approached this engagement with a lot of attention and care, asking questions and agreeing topics and agenda in advance. 

This meeting included our D&I Ambassadors, as well as senior leaders from the business who wanted to learn about racial equity and anti-discrimination, but also understand what they can do to make a difference.

Shereen’s talk was very well structured with time for a speech and Q&A for the audience – it felt very open and interactive, our team was able to ask questions, advice and share opinions.

The feedback we received was that everyone found Shereen’s talk “eye-opening”, “positively challenging” and “inspiring and impactful”.

Shereen’s talk became a catalyst for action, as many of the colleagues who attended the event felt inspired, but also more equipped and confident in having open conversations about our experiences and differences, as well as creating actions for change.”


Diversity and Inclusion Manager