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Shereen Daniels, ‘The HR Conversationalist,' Managing Director at HR rewired spoke about how HR leaders can be at the forefront of the change needed for the future of work, tackling topics such as the importance of open and honest conversation, company purpose and values and new and sustainable employee engagement practice that can equip leaders for the challenges ahead.

Perspectives: Shereen Daniels, MD, HR rewired

Shereen Daniels is on a mission to tackle racial inequality in business.  She's passionate about empowerment and through her work as MD at HR rewired, everything she does is about being an advocate for racial justice.   


Conversations around anti-racism, add value to the development of solutions for racial equality. Incensed by the stifling racism dominating our television screens, Shereen Daniels felt that she had to speak out. and when she did she could not have imagined the response. I caught up with Shereen, to hear about her remarkable story, and how she formed a growing community of engaged professionals and anti-racists on the internet, that is growing every day.

Shereen’s work is all about anti-racism and HR Consultancy. She channels her HR experience into discourse around race, anti-racism and inclusion, whilst providing board advisory sessions and facilitating listening forums for Black and other marginalised employees.

Black representation in tech: What the figures don’t tell us

Like many industries, the tech sector still has some way to go in addressing diversity issues. American civil rights activist Jesse Jackson has for decades been calling out Silicon Valley over its lack of racial diversity, not just in its core workforce and hiring, but among executives and board level.

But Shereen Daniels, advocate against racial injustice in business, vice-chair of the black business association for London Chamber of Commerce & Industry and founder and MD of HR rewired, warns that before addressing this from a business angle, leaders need to reflect first as individuals and human beings.

In conversation with Caterer and Totaljobs Group

In the UK alone, there remains a structural, historical bias against black workers with 14% of the British workforce coming from a BAME background. In a study by experts based at the Centre for Social Investigation at Nuffield College, Oxford, it was found that applicants from minority ethnic backgrounds had to send 80% more applications to get a positive response from an employer than a white person of British origin.

We invited The HR Conversationalist and MD of HR rewired, Shereen Daniels to speak to the CEO of Totaljobs Group, Jon Wilson.

Meet Shereen Daniels, the OBV alumna taking the HR world by storm

The growing attention placed on racial inequalities has led many companies to actively seek out ways to positively promote diversity and inclusion. While this may be obvious to you and me, implementing these procedures has in many cases been slow and inefficient. This would understandably be a point of frustration for many, but OBV alumna Shereen Daniels is leading the way in offering solutions, all while building a large following of her own.

HR expert Shereen Daniels talks about how businesses can support black employees