Build A Credible And Decisive Racial Equity Plan (In Under 30 Days)

Can a colleague commit to 14 hours over 30 days

You'll have a concrete racial equity plan. Zero guesswork. 100% confidence.

Build a credible racial equity plan (with measures), within 30 days, without having to hire expensive consultants.

Most HR and diversity, equity and inclusion teams (DEI) are being tasked with building action plans specifically to address racial equity, yet 90% of them struggle to do this.

Our Equity Development Lab (Accelerator) addresses three key challenges:

  1. How to build a racial equity plan, if you don’t have the specific skills, knowledge, expertise and support.
  2. Confusion about how to link racial equity into broader DEI strategy so it doesn’t seem as something completely separate.
  3. The need to show progress and impact against tangible measures that withstand public and private scrutiny. 

What they'll get out of the programme

Support to Diagnose Patterns and Trends

They'll learn how to excel at diagnosing the root causes of patterns and trends in your people data. This enables them to suggest more impactful solutions.

Guidance to Design Your Plan

We have a proprietary bank of over 50+ actions ranked according to ease of implementation and level of impact. If you're organisation is stuck with working out what to do, this session will be particularly valuable.

Expert Help to Choose the Right Measures

You need tangible means to communicate progress internally and externally. Particularly to satisfy your executive board and investors.

1-2-1 Quarterly Coaching Sessions

You will be supported by our Racial Equity Coaches who are there to help your colleagues overcome any challenges.

How your organisation will benefit

We’ve unlocked over 50,000 global conversations about race, and supported many organisations to begin their anti-racism journey.  

We’re credible and trusted by many.  Let us help you get off to a good start in converting awareness into tangible action.

Equity Development Lab

Build a decisive and credible racial equity plan in 30 days live with expert instructors
£ 7,500 From
  • 3.5 hours per week over 4 weeks (virtual)
  • Led by international expert instructors in anti-racism, DEI and ESG
  • x4 quarterly 1-2-1 coaching sessions (over 12 months post programme completion)
  • Frameworks and templates provided (with an ability to re-purpose for broader DEI initiatives)

Equity Development Accelerator

Self-paced learning with our on-demand sessions
£ 2,500
  • x4 90-min sessions
  • Led by international expert instructors in anti-racism and DEI
  • Sessions are condensed versions of what we cover in the Equity Development Lab Programme
  • Frameworks and templates provided (with an ability to re-purpose for broader DEI initiatives)

If this is a priority for your organisation, you're in the right place