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The World is Watching - And they want you to do the Right Thing

Shareholders, employees, customers, the media, competitors, children, students and the global community are putting all businesses under mounting pressure.  They are looking for you to take more responsibility and show tangible actions to accelerate racial equality.

A 90-min session with one of our Directors will prepare your Executive-Board to understand the actual issues, learn what other organisations are doing and instil confidence in your collective ability to lead this change. If there’s ever been a top-down and bottom-up approach needed it, this is it.

Output of the session

  • Enhanced awareness about why there is a global imperative to address racism – it’s not just about the protests
  • Examples of what other companies are doing to address this, from those with 50 employees to those with 25,000+
  • Understand the difference between performative and meaningful action and the risks associated with getting it wrong.
  • Share practical steps you can take to inspire confidence internally and externally without feeling the need to wait until you have a perfected, finished strategic plan. 

Executive briefing

£ 2,500
  • Facilitated by HR rewired Director or Managing Director
  • 90-mins
  • Virtual or in-person

In conversation with: Walmart

Walmart turns over 524 billion USD per year and has over 2.2 million colleagues worldwide.

In this clip Donald FanSenior Director of Walmart’s Chief Global Culture Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion talks about why they take an ecosystem approach to advancing racial equity within their organisation.