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Things have changed

For teams who lack the lived experience and would benefit from a help-desk style service to answer queries and be a confidential sounding board, we offer a retained ‘help-desk’ style support where designated users can contact our Racial Equity Coaches to get advice, guidance or just act as a sounding board.

We can do this for any departments, yet are typically engaged to support HR, diversity and inclusion teams and line managers.

Examples of how we support our clients

Retained Support

12 months min length of contract
£ 1,250
  • 4 hours per moth
  • Booked in 30-min time slots
  • Centralised booking system
  • Monthly usage reports
  • Telephone or video call support
  • Available Monday - Saturday, 8am - 8pm
  • Can be set up within 30 days

An example of an inclusive approach

One of the things we often say to our clients is you don’t have to try too hard to demonstrate you understand the need to be inclusive and representative.  

Gone are the days when you can just put different ethnic faces on your marketing and brand campaigns and assume that ticks the box.  

Society expects more, and your clients will too. 

Bumble is a great example of using real people to tell real stories which is aligned with how they position their brand overall.