HR rewired is a niche advisory firm which partners with companies ready to take intentional steps to advance racial equity in the workplace.

Our proprietary methodology has been utilised by well-known organisations of different sizes, across a variety of industries, as a way of taking intentional steps to evolving their cultures to become more anti-racist, equitable and kind.

We specialise in creating safe spaces for brave conversations. In fact, we’ve unlocked over 100,000 global conversations about race, transforming organisations from top to bottom. We do this for companies ranging from 100 employees right on up to 25,000 and beyond – and we do it all over the world.

With a team of exceptional individuals from a wide range of industries, we combine international expertise with local insights to help you maintain momentum and stand out as pioneers of change.

Enhancing the ‘equity’ part of your inclusion journey, specifically as it relates to ‘race’.

We’ll give you the essential information you need to make informed decisions about the what, the how, and the why.

With the ability to provide contextual and nuanced insight into what racism is (and isn’t), we help provide clarity and increase confidence enabling you to tackle the issues in the right way.

If your people feel seen, heard and accepted for who they are, your business outperforms your competitors and over delivers on value.

It’s that simple.

We have a deep respect for the issue. 

It’s easy for other firms to diminish workplace racism to match a client’s comfort level yet we are compelled to give honest perspectives that ensure any interventions you put in place are impactful, and enable legitimate returns on your investment.

Our role is to be a trusted advisor and provide the right strategic support to increase public and private confidence in your ability to demonstrate you are genuinely committed to sustainable action.

Advocating for anti-racism in business means inspiring both leaders and colleagues to become pioneers of change.

To put knowledge in the hands of many, rather than the few, reduces the risk of leaving colleagues behind.

Co-creating solutions with colleagues who are instrumental in leading change and those most impacted by racism is a critical approach that underpins our work.

Do it with them, not for them.

Is your organisation as inclusive as it should be?

Organisations like your own can no longer afford to operate in ignorance to what is now a global dialogue – workplace equity and inclusion are under the spotlight more than ever.

Take our assessment and discover how your organisation measures against new and important standards.


It’s not enough to talk about your commitments; 

your key stakeholders are looking to see action.

Independent Reviews

From reviewing the impact of your actions to assessing how your plans stack up against other leading companies, we drive a better ROI on the allocation of resources and investment and help you credibly communicate your progress with internal and external stakeholders.

Board Advisory Services

Acting as ongoing trusted advisors to equip executive teams with the skills and contextual knowledge to lead confidently and authentically.

HR rewired anti-racism training


Keynotes, group talks or video content all designed to raise awareness, inspire action and encourage ongoing learning and respectful dialogue around race and racism.


Shereen delivered an amazing learning session for us on Anti-Racism in the Workplace. She warned us that her sessions usually ran overtime with people getting really engaged and she did not disappoint. Her 20-minute Q&A session which followed her 20 presentation session was amazing. I was flooded with private messages of people who were really happy to be engaged in this conversation which was seen as monumental for the Academy. We covered so much ground including Leadership, Allyship and the need to be actively anti-racist as opposed to merely not racist. Prior to the session I had met with Shereen to discuss what I was currently working on and how her session could support my EDI Business Plan 2021 / 2022.

During her session, Shereen hit everything we discussed and reinforced everything that I had been discussing and working on with The Leadership Team. Her session had barely finished five minutes before I was inundated with requests for the recording both from those who were present and those who had a clash as well as her podcast which we shared through our EDI SharePoint. I cannot recommend her enough; we really look forward to working with her again in the future


Equity Diversity and Inclusion Manager at the Academy of Medical Sciences

Shereen is a knowledgeable, thought provoking and an authentic speaker. Her insight, creativity and fearlessness when she candidly speaks about the need for Diversity, Equity and inclusion across all levels in the corporate space, immediately draws attention.

We invited Shereen as keynote speaker to a 2021 BHM event at Marsh McLennan, Shereen’s infectious and engaging personality, inspirational anecdotes and insightful opinions reinforces why it is important for organisations to continue to place the right level of importance on the need to increase and enhance their diversity fluency on a continual basis.


Co-Chair Multicultural Network (Marsh McLennan) and Committee Member (iCAN – Insurance Cultural Awareness Network)

I worked with HR rewired specifically on a Listening Forum about the lived experiences of Black employees, an event open to all employees.

From inception and our initial conversation to the after event debriefs and follow ups, Shereen exuded confidence that was matched by her knowledge, experience, expertise and, most importantly, delivery.

I was conscious about the emotional scale of the work and my responsibility to colleagues who would be sharing very personal and painful experiences from their lives with the WHOLE organisation.

However I was reassured by the support and guidance provided by the HR rewired team consistently through the entirety of the work. The event was a psychologically safe place where colleagues could be vulnerable and openly shared their experiences.

The feedback from colleagues that attended the event was powerful. Being virtual did not stop the feeling of intense emotions and tears. Her unapologetic approach and appropriate challenges were absolutely what my organisation needed to ensure there was accountability from our senior leaders, and action was taken and changes made.

My experience of working with HR rewired has been truly exceptional. I would wholeheartedly recommend her and her organisation to support you in delivering what for us was a truly educational, emotional and moving experience. Now we’ve done the listening and hearing, it’s time for action!


Senior Analyst, Essex County Council, UK

Working with HR rewired has positively impacted our company culture and our aim to achieve equity in the workplace. At Totaljobs Group, we strive to create an environment in which our employees bring their whole selves to work, without compromise; but we know this takes consistent work. Defining the meaning of equity, and understanding how equitable our own workplace truly is, has been a key step in the process for us and Shereen’s guidance and input has been instrumental.

Shereen is remarkably direct and uncompromising, whilst at the same time enabling and encouraging. This means she achieves traction with stakeholders at every level, and helps unlock the often uncomfortable truths that have to be accepted and dealt with as part of any cultural shift. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.


CEO, StepStone Atlantic

Shereen provided a safe environment for an open and honest discussion about race and racism in our industry, and society broadly, in a non-confrontational way, bringing real lived experience that was relatable. 

The group of leading Executives and Chairs from across the industry were engaged and eager to contribute thoughts and ask questions. Shereen was, in one participant’s words, ‘just brilliant’. 

She remained unphased and non-judgemental and it was an excellent opportunity to open the conversation on race and what each person’s responsibility is in addressing the current situation. HR rewired’s continued involvement and support is helping us to shape our actions and accelerate change.

Feedback from attendees:

 “ Shereen was wonderful…thank for inviting me”

“I very much enjoyed meeting Shereen…we had a practically full house which shows the industry is taking it seriously.”


Chair, British Horseracing Authority

In order to become a more inclusive sport, it is really important that our senior leaders have a good understanding of racism and what it means to be anti-racist. When I first spoke to Shereen, her knowledge alongside a relaxed and understanding but straight-talking manner, was exactly what we were looking for. By increasing our knowledge in this area, we are now in a much better position to create positive action that will drive real change.


Head of Diversity and Inclusion

We have heard great feedback about HR rewired and we were delighted when Shereen joined our D&I Network’s meeting. 

Shereen has approached this engagement with a lot of attention and care, asking questions and agreeing topics and agenda in advance. 

This meeting included our D&I Ambassadors, as well as senior leaders from the business who wanted to learn about racial equity and anti-discrimination, but also understand what they can do to make a difference.

Shereen’s talk was very well structured with time for a speech and Q&A for the audience – it felt very open and interactive, our team was able to ask questions, advice and share opinions.

The feedback we received was that everyone found Shereen’s talk “eye-opening”, “positively challenging” and “inspiring and impactful”.

Shereen’s talk became a catalyst for action, as many of the colleagues who attended the event felt inspired, but also more equipped and confident in having open conversations about our experiences and differences, as well as creating actions for change.”


Diversity and Inclusion Manager

The Anti-Racist Organization

In The Anti-Racist Organization: Dismantling Systemic Racism in the Workplace, HR strategist Shereen Daniels delivers an incisive and honest discussion of how business leaders can change workplace practices to create a more anti-racist and equitable environment