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Who are we?

HR rewired is a niche consultancy which partners with companies ready to take action to combat racial inequality.

Our mission is to help public and private sector organisations transform cultures to embed equitable, anti-racist and kind practices.

We specialise in creating safe spaces for brave conversations. Be it virtual or in-person support, we work with organisations ranging from 50 employees to 25,000 + from all over the world.

With a team of exceptional individuals from a wide range of industries, we combine international expertise with local insights to help you maintain momentum and stand out as pioneers of change.


A 90-min session with one of our Directors will prepare your executive-board to understand the real issues, learn what other organisations are doing and instill confidence in your ability to lead this change.

From £2,500


A virtual 'town-hall' for your employees to share their experiences in a psychologically safe environment.

From £5,000


Engaging 90-min YouTube style video workshops to inspire your entire workforce to be pioneers of change.

From £10 per employee (dependent on headcount)


Discreetly stress test your communications, strategic and operational plans (internal and external) for racial messaging which most your Comms, PR, Brand and Marketing, Procurement and HR teams are likely to overlook.

From £2,500 per month

innovation network

Learn from the experience of other companies who are tackling these issues head on. Identify and concentrate on impactful yet cost-effective initiatives.

From £200 per month per employee

The imperative

Global protests have highlighted the profound effect systemic racism has on society. ​

Mitigate the

Consumers are boycotting brands because of their corporate positions on social and political issues.​

Understand the

Guessing how inequalities impact on your organisation means you will never to be able to build or buy the right solutions.​

Build your today to stay relevant tomorrow

Talented colleagues are avoiding organisations who do not reflect the global multi-cultural society we live in.  Or where they feel they may not be welcomed and supported to progress.


Hear from our Managing Director, Shereen Daniels who is blazing a global trail of recognition for her work in addressing the need for change.
How to Build A Compelling Business Case for Anti-Racism
Wednesday 3rd December: 3pm – 4pm (GMT)