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Who Are We?

HR rewired is a niche advisory firm which partners with companies ready to take the right steps to advance racial equity in the workplace.

Our mission is to help public and private sector organisations transform cultures to embed equitable, anti-racist and kind practices.

We specialise in creating safe spaces for brave conversations. In fact, we’ve unlocked over 50,000 global conversations about race, transforming organisations from top to bottom. We do this for companies ranging from 100 employees right on up to 25,000 and beyond – and we do it all over the world.

With a team of exceptional individuals from a wide range of industries, we combine international expertise with local insights to help you maintain momentum and stand out as pioneers of change.

Is your organisation as inclusive as it should be?

Organisations like your own can no longer afford to operate in ignorance to what is now a global dialogue – workplace equity and inclusion are under the spotlight more than ever.

Take our assessment and discover how your organisation measures against new and important standards.

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How We Support


A 90-min session to prepare your Executive-Board to understand the real issues, learn what other organisations are doing and instill confidence in your ability to lead this change.

Equity development lab

A virtual programme to help you build a decisive and credible racial equity plan in 30-days


A virtual 'Town-Hall' for your employees to share their experiences in a psychologically safe environment.


Engaging micro-video workshops and anti-racism content you can license to inspire your entire workforce to be pioneers of change.


For teams who lack the lived experience and would benefit from a help-desk style service to answer queries and be a confidential sounding board.

Some of our clients


Advancing Racial Equity - The Conference

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Thursday 23rd September 2021